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Hair Systems

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All of our integrated hair systems will be perfectly matched to your own hair.

Free consultation

Enjoy a free, no commitment consultation at Ego X clinic where we can talk through the procedures and you will be free to ask any questions you may have

Colour matching 

All of our hair systems will be perfectly matched to your own hair. and we can add highlights to make your hair system look even more natural or for a fashion look.

Adding grey hair

We can add grey hair to your hair system increasing by 5% increments or provide full head of grey hair. If you want grey placing  in certain areas you can order a bespoke hair system.

How are the hair systems fixed in place?

Hair systems are kept in place by wig tape, adhesive or both. Our preferred method is professional adhesive which can hold the hair system in place for weeks, but we recommend your hair system is removed after 4 weeks, cleaned, conditioned and re fixed. You will require a patch test for each type of wig tape or adhesive.  

Protecting your scalp

We use a scalp protector that’s helps you achieve a longer and stronger bond by keeping dirt, sweat, and body oils away from your attachment area.
And as a bonus, scalp protectors also shield your skin against irritations or adverse reactions you might get from tape or glue.

How much does it all cost?

We want everyone to be able to afford a perfect hair system for themselves so that’s why we bring down the price to a sensible cost.

A standard system perfectly match to your hair and even grey can be added to your system costs

From £480. (Most systems cost £520 except bespoke £720)

A bespoke system which is molded to the exactly to your head shape with various options:

Different hair colours i.e. lighter at the front or grey in certain areas.

Your choice of hair texture.

Want it curly then you can.

Want it thicker or thinner density the choice is yours.

The price includes on both types of systems:


Cutting and styling

Starter pack which includes shampoos, conditioners, brush and after care advice.

Most people have their system refitted every 4 to five weeks which includes removal, cleaning, conditioning, refitting and cutting of your hair.

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