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Low Level Laser Therapy

Our laser device will stimulate hair growth, increase hair density and fullness while reversing the thinning process. By energising the hair follicles, the laser devices revitalise damaged hair and rejuvenates aging hair.

Laser Therapy

If you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) offers a potential solution.  LLLT is a safe, painless at therapy that is FDA approved, and its efficacy has been . During this treatment, the laser penetrates the scalp to stimulate circulation and the hair follicles. Low Laser Light Therapy is often used in conjunction with specialist DHT shampoos.

How does low laser light hair therapy work?

Low laser light therapy helps to boost circulation in the scalp with supports metabolism and stimulates the growth phase. This helps to restore the hair follicles which promotes hair growth by releasing energy, nutrients, and oxygen. Male pattern baldness is linked to a testosterone hormone found in the skin which is also stimulated by the laser treatment.

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