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Low Level Laser Therapy

About Us

Ego X is different from other Hair clinics.

Firstly, With our hairdressing background, our colour matching your hair to the hair system will be second to none, we analyse in detail your hair texture, thickness to make sure we get the best system for you. We also have the expertise to add highlights to your system to give them extra natural look. 


Secondly, our hand-picked barbers are experienced and highly-skilled – they’re all time-served and some have even had their skills and talents recognised with features in the top Barbering magazines.
Thirdly, our customer commitment is ground breaking and second to none. What makes us different is we understand that, as well as offering the highest quality barbering, the customer experience also must be different, memorable and innovative to encourage our customers to keep coming back.  

Here are a few of the things which make Ego X different: -
•    Shiatsu massaging backwashes and hot towel treatments come as standard for every client
•    Ego X was the first barber in the UK to have an alcohol licence – imagine being able to savour a cool, refreshing beer whilst enjoying a signature wet shave or having a hair cut?
•    There’s even an Xbox available for customers to use while they wait

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Meet Our Team

Robin Langley

Founder & Hair Specialist

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