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  • Will I feel the hair system on my scalp?
    At first it feels like you are wearing a hat or cap but this soon subsides and chances are you will not notice the apart from when you think about it. You can get the odd itch but with the professional adheshives we use this is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Can people see that I'm wearing a hair system?
    We go the extra mile to make sure your hair system matches you hair perfectly! We can add highlists at the front to give that extra natural look. It also depends on how huch hair loss you have, but even if you have a hull balding pattern poeple will be astounded good you look. As long as the hair system is the correct one and fitted properly with the right maintenance it will be our secret!
  • How long will the hair system last?
    The first one will last between 3 and 9 months because you touch and fiddle with it more. After your initail hair system thay can last up to a year with the right care.
  • Who takes the my hair system on and off?
    We will remove your hair system, cleanse, condition, cut your hair and re fix.
  • What is the cost of a hair system?
    Our systems start from £495 which includes fitting but we have an offer on at the moment for £450 Why you might ask? Beacuse we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and don't want to charger you rediculous high prices which puts people off we just want to charger a fair price and make as many people good great as we can!
  • How long does the hair system stay on for?
    With our expert fitting service your hair system will generally stay on for 4 weeks. Then carfully remove, cleanse, condition, cut your hair, re attach and style your hair. You do not buy a new system every 4 weeks as you hair system is re used.
  • Cost of refitting your hair system
    The initial fitting is included in the cost of your hair system. Every 4 weeks we remove, cleanse, condition, cut your hair, re fit and style your hair. Technicians re fitting £55 Robin refitting your system is on request
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