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Your new hair starts 


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Look and feel 100% more confident with your new hair from Ego X Hair Clinic

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“When I started to lose my hair, I not only started to lose confidence, but I started to become invisible to the opposite sex and the more hair I lost the more invisible I felt!” Robin Langley

“When I was out with my mates this girl said to me if you had hair, you’d be really good looking! I felt like I’d been punched and floored by Mike Tyson” Ego X client

My hair system instantly changed my invisibility cloak now when I walk down the street complete strangers smile at me like they used to years ago when I had hair! Robin Langley

Ego X Clinics integrated hair systems are completely realistic with an invisible hair line and with baby hair at the front which hardly any other clinics provide. Being a top hairdresser for over 30 years experience we know hair colouring inside out and so your system will be a perfect match from beginning to end. Our hair systems will be personally coloured and highlighted if necessary so it will be lighter at the front and seamlessly matching your own hair at the back and sides.


We are confident that we are probably the best hair clinic in Chester, North West covering Liverpool and Manchester. We are so confident in fact that we provide a 100% money back guarantee!

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